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The Parapulser® has a very flexible cost model, that meets every performance requirement. The basic unit achieves at 2 Hz already a 5-10 times higher induction capacity than all known sub-hertz pulsers (see comparison). The unlockable Semipro license covers with its up to 10 Hz permanent frequency also frequencies like the Schumann frequency (7.84 Hz). The PRO license is aimed at the professional user who requires at long term the maximum frequency of 20 Hz for substantial time savings. Power application: 6000 pulses within 5 min (thereafter cooling break of 5 minutes at room temperature, with cooling packs a lot faster). An upgrade from the basic to Semipro and from Semipro to the Pro license is possible for the price difference at any time. Here comes the deal: With purchase of a pulse contigents (100.000 pulses for a few bucks), the entire frequency range (up to the maximum frequency of 20 Hz) is available any time. In the basic version, a free starting contigent of 200,000 pulses (33 power applications) is ready to be used at full 20 Hz speed. Buy the Parapulser online
2      20 Hz PRO Upgrade 100K  Pulse 10      20 Hz S2P Upgrade
2      10 Hz Semipro Upgrade
Cost model